Current Car

Current Car

Team 28 cCar

Power Train

  • Yamaha YFZ-450 - 449cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke. Single cylinder with 5 titanium valves

  • Custom exhaust, intake, fuel cell, and cooling system


  • Double unequal length A-Arms with adjustable struts/anti-roll bars

  • Carbon wheel shells with 9-spoke aluminum wheel centers

  • Carbon fiber monocoque


  • Hand made carbon fiber front wing, undertray, side wings, and rear wing

  • Active rear wing Drag Reduction System (DRS)


  • Salisbury Type Differential with Replaceable Ramps for Different Angles

  • Pneumatic-operated single clutch transmission


  • 2890 mm long, 1469 mm wide, 1187 mm high

  • Weight: 356 lbs